Welcome Mr Corbyn, you have some catching up to do…

Interesting listening to speaker after speaker calling on Jeremy Corbyn to reach out to all parts of the party to maintain unity. This is the guy who won a huge majority and, as predicted in my earlier post, won that majority among every section of the party from the new […]

Home Sweet Home

I don’t think I’d looked at the Green Party since I was at university until a few years ago. In the days before the internet, information on them would have been a lot more difficult to find so even then I probably barely scratched the surface. It was easy to […]

This year I’m voting for what I believe in

Someone recently asked what they should say to people who question the point of voting Green if they can’t be sure their vote will count. In a system of politics that has for so long been dominated by the two old parties, what chance have the Greens got? But a vote […]

If you want to grow something: plant a seed and nurture it

I’ve spent 30+ years voting tactically and never had a government I wanted. Instead I’ve seen the old political parties gradually shift further and further to the right. I’ve seen the Labour Party introduce detention without trial, start to break up and privatise our public services with PFI deals and […]

Your Annual Tax Propaganda

I just got my first Annual Tax Summary. The obvious highlight is the “Welfare” section, which dominates the page. Welfare is obviously something that the current government are very concerned about: Feckless scroungers spending our hard-earned taxes on booze, fags and iPhones while they lounge about watching Jeremy Kyle. So […]