Saving Lydiard: we need a pause for thought

I welcomed the recent Council decision to listen to calls made by the Friends of Lydiard Park for a three month pause in deciding the fate of Lydiard House & Park. It is a shame that there was no real pause. While they say they are
talking, the Council are pushing ahead with their privatisation plans.

At the recent public meeting held by The Friends I asked the panel why we can’t just thank the companies who want to profit from Lydiard for the ideas they have come up with, then have the council sit down with the Friends and Trustees of Lydiard to work out how we implement those ideas ourselves?

These companies know there is money to be made. I hope it is not too late for the Council to negotiate a deal that brings together the Friends and the current management to secure the future of Lydiard for all the people of Swindon.