Swindon Greens Campaign For Better Housing

The housing situation in Swindon is something that affects us all. Whether we are looking for somewhere to buy or rent, or simply affected by the additional strain on local infrastructure and lack of parking from more people being crammed in to existing housing stock.

I believe that the council is failing to provide the leadership needed to ensure that the people of Swindon get decent housing provision. I have challenged the Council Leader over the provision of social housing in Swindon. Although 22,000 houses are planned in Swindon over the coming years, the council has no clue how many will provide housing for people on Council waiting lists or for those looking to buy their first home.

Nor is the council putting the required resources in to police the private rented sector, where conditions for tenants are steadily worsening while rents rise.

The Green Party has joined forces with housing campaigners and other political groups to form the Swindon Housing Action Campaign (SHAC). Over the coming months we will be campaigning together to raise the housing issue up the council agenda and get a better deal for all tenants in Swindon.

If you have been hit by high rents, ripped off by private landlords or found yourself unable to find decent accommodation for your family, we’d like to hear from you.

This is an important issue for me. I was brought up in a council house and I want others to have the same opportunity of a decent home that I had as a kid. It’s about more than just a roof over your head. The Council needs to be held to account to ensure the people of Swindon have access to decent homes.